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Architect Mart van Schijndel (1943-1999) left behind him a domestic masterpiece in Utrecht before his untimely death. His own serenely beautiful home, completed in 1992, is now the Netherlands’ youngest monument and can be visited by appointment.

This richly illustrated, lovingly designed book brings the house to life both for those who have seen it and those who have yet to visit. It combines new, extensive photography of the house, historic location images, and previously unpublished sketches by the architect himself, as well as extracts from his interviews and writings. The book portrays an architect’s creation of his own special world, innovatively adapted to the restrictions of the site.

For the first time, the experimental techniques, innovative material applications and ingenious details developed for the Van Schijndel House are documented in detail. The glass windows and doors for example, swing on silicon sealant, not hinges. The book comes with a film, offering the architect’s own commentary, which adds another layer to this unique insight into an inspiring house. What makes the book unique, is that all people involved in the process, - writers, graphic designer and photographer - have stayed at the house, alone, for at least 24 hours for an optimal understanding of what the book should communicate.

What they’re saying about the book...
"An excellent monograph on the youngest monument in the Netherlands." - de Volkskrant
"A tribute to the man who established postmodernism in the Netherlands." - de Architect

...and about the house
“The house holds a certain magic. Tucked away, it is a hidden jewel and full of delightful surprises.” - Henry Urbach, director, The Glass House, New Canaan, USA
“In an interior courtyard shut off from the outside world, architect Mart van Schijndel has realised a virtuoso sculptural design for his own house… It is remarkable, and exemplary, to see how much spatial quality he conjures up in a place that is totally enclosed.” - From the jury report for the Rietveld Award, 1995


Natascha Drabbe, Hans van Heeswijk and Arjen Oosterman
Publisher: NDCC Publishers
ISBN English edition: 978 90 803635 8 8 / Dutch edition: 978 90 803635 0 2
Hardcover, 112 pages, format: 21 x 24 cm
95 full colour photos and 37 drawings and sketches
Graphic design: Kummer & Herrman
Price: 29 euros

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